Tour The PADS

Welcome to SCADpad. Click on each area of the SCADpad community below to see photos and read details of the SCADpad micro houses and common areas.

A true community, SCADpad is comprised of three residential microhouses, a park, a community garden, a technology workstation and recreational areas. As you take a look at the unique details and aesthetic of each area of SCADpad, keep in mind that almost everything was developed for SCADpad by SCAD students, faculty and alumni.


SCADpad Asia is designed to reflect the culture and aesthetic of SCAD’s Hong Kong location, which opened in Fall 2009 and has been recognized with a UNESCO award for heritage conservation.

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The Greenspace is another way the physical limits of each SCADpad residential unit have been extended. The furniture was designed by SCAD students and manufactured by outdoor furniture retailer Brown Jordan.

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SCADpad Europe was inspired by the medieval landscape and history of SCAD Lacoste, which was gifted to the university in 2003.

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SCADpad North America is intended to reflect a quintessentially American spirit of self-determination and to celebrate SCAD's locations in Savannah and Atlanta. Take a virtual tour of SCADpad North America and the Community Garden. SCAD painting grad Julio Garcia gave the exterior of SCADpad North America a sleek, minimalist paint treatment on metal panels.

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The community garden was created to bring nature back into the sterile parking structure atmosphere. Plants clean the air, they soften the hard lines of the garage and they provide fresh, local food for SCADpad residents.

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Take a sneak peek at the latest evolutions to SCADpad. Based on feedback from SCADpad residents, SCAD has embellished and enhanced the communal areas of the microhousing neighborhood.

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